UCI Master Classes

During the 15/16 school year we will host master classes by:

Philip Alejo of the University of Arizona, Nov 9 at 6:30 pm

Matt Hare Jan 30 at 3:00pm

Jory Herman of the San Diego Symphony

Miguel Leiria Pereira of the Lisbon Conservatory (Lisbon, Portugal).

Dates and times to be announced


Past guests have included:

Joel Quarrington of the London Symphony Orchestra

Andrés Martin of Contrabajos de Baja California

Leon Bosch of the Academy of St. Martin in the Field

Rob Kassinger of the Chicago Symphony

Tom Knific of  Western Michigan University

Volkan Orhon from the University of Iowa via teleconference. 



2014 UCI Andrés Martin Bass Master Class




2013 UCI Knific Bass Master Class WSH


2013 Hare Master Class

2012 UCI Master Class

Rob Kassinger’s Master Class

2012 Kassinger

Leon Bosch’s Master Class

2012 UCI Bosch

Volkan Orhon’s Master Class


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