Summer Bass Seminars

2019 Summer Bass Seminars:

July 7  1:00-2:30

July 14 1:00-2:30

July 21 1:00-2:30

July 28 1:00-2:30

This summer the seminars will be held at UC Irvine in room 218 of the Music and Media Building. We usually meet at Concordia University, but the music department is moving into a brand new building and the summer is a bit hectic.

11865245_10153383423906311_4979544893789806744_o (Guest Clinician Cielito Holben discusses Francois Rabbath’s technique)

I host a series of free bass seminars over the course of several Sundays every summer. These seminars use some group exercises I have developed as well as the “bass class” exercises used by Gary Karr and Diana Gannett. These are free and open to the public. All experience levels are welcome. Each exercise is progressive, so all skill levels can participate. After a few minutes an element will progress (larger range, more difficult articulation, more challenging bowing) and a few players may drop out. This happens several times until we move to the next exercise and reset the skill level. This is excellent for breaking students out of ruts and “big fish in a little pond” mind sets.

2017 Summer Bass Seminars:

July 9  1:00-2:30

July 16 1:00-2:30

July 23 1:00-2:30

July 30 1:00-2:30

11888519_10153401725961311_8925629109904113199_o (Guest Clinician Jay Foote discusses Alexander Technique)

Parking is free. Just pull up to either of the gates at the edge of campus, state that you need to get to the “Performing Arts Annex” or “PAX” and they will give you a parking pass and a campus map.


Saddleback College hosted these seminars in past summers:


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